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It's Happening!

B’nai Torah is writing a new Torah, and we want YOU to participate in this beautiful and significant mitzvah!

Click here to pick an available time slot that is convenient for you and be part of an experience that is sure to be meaningful and memorable.

While there is no financial obligation to scribe a letter in the Torah, you can make a contribution and dedication that is personally meaningful. Click here to make a dedication and donation.

Special Video Message from Rabbi Steinhardt

“It’s kicking off and there will be all sorts of opportunities for you to join in. You’ll have scribing opportunities, learning opportunities, and you’ll have opportunities to contribute which will help make our congregation strong as we move into the future and connect more and more people to this wonderful Torah of ours.”
– Rabbi David Steinhardt

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Upcoming Events

There are many events that provide opportunities to learn, explore and even scribe in the Torah! Click here or below to view the event listing.

Latest Torah Minute Video

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Torah Teasers

Have some fun with our Torah themed riddles and trivia!

For more information, contact the L’Chaim Torah Project Committee at lchaimtorahproject@bnai-torah.org.