Welcome to the L’Chaim Torah Project – Special Message from Rabbi Steinhardt

What is the L’Chaim Torah Project?

The L’Chaim Torah Project is an exciting initiative in which every B’nai Torah community member can participate in the mitzvah of writing a Torah.

The L’Chaim Torah project provides us with three important opportunities:

  • We will learn about and gain new insights into Torah through programs, classes, and celebrations for all ages throughout the year
  • We will come together to complete a holy task and fulfill the 613th mitzvah as we move forward and reconnect as a community
  • We will raise funds through meaningful and significant dedications that will provide for the future of B’nai Torah

Why is it called the L’Chaim Torah Project?

L’Chaim means ‘To Life!’ The L’Chaim Torah Project will ritualize and celebrate our emergence from the pandemic and allow us to express gratitude for the opportunity to be together again. And when we do come together, we will say “L’Chaim!”

Why Are We Writing a New Torah?

We are B’nai Torah – the children of the Torah. The writing of a new Torah will provide an opportunity for us to come together in celebration and to express gratitude for everything that the Torah itself symbolizes – life, love, faith, and hope.

Many have asked, “Don’t we have enough Torahs? Do we need another one?
It may surprise you, but the answer is YES, we DO need another Torah! It is true that we are blessed with many Torahs in our holy arks that each represent an extraordinarily generous gift to B’nai Torah over the last four decades. However, many of these Torahs are in fragile shape and are not suitable for frequent use. A beautiful, newly-written Torah will be a welcome addition to our congregation now and for generations to come.

Who Can Participate?

Everyone can! All that want to can participate in the writing of this holy text in a way that is personally significant and meaningful as well as beneficial to B’nai Torah and the Jewish community at large.

L’Chaim Torah Project at B’nai Torah Congregation
Executive Committee:

David Steinhardt, Senior Rabbi
David Englander, Rabbi
Helene Ballen, Executive Director
Ed Sopher, President
Melanie Jacobson, Project Chair
Susan Levine, Project Consultant
Jenna Genger, Project Manager


For more information, please contact us:
E-mail: lchaimtorahproject@bnai-torah.org
Phone: (561) 392- 8566
Website: www.btcboca.org/torahproject