Welcome to ShulCloud

We have now transitioned to our new online member portal and database powered by ShulCloud. We are excited about the advantages that ShulCloud will bring to both our members and to staff.

Members will have access to:

  • Your own personal account
  • Billing and statement history
  • Family yahrzeit information
  • Event registration
  • School portal, and more

Getting Started is Easy!

What is ShulCloud?
ShulCloud is cloud-based synagogue membership management software used by over 1200 synagogues throughout the United States. This system was created to directly serve synagogues and their members’ unique needs including account management, bill payment, record updating, membership directory and more.

What happened to our prior membership database, Membership Management Services?
All current membership records and financial data have been imported into ShulCloud.

How can I log in to ShulCloud?
You have received an email inviting you to log in and create/update your profile. We strongly recommend each member/family unit take the time to complete this step when first accessing the new system. It ensures all payments and donations will be categorized and properly attributed. Click the “Log in” button at the top right corner of the webpage. If this is your first time logging in to the website, you will be asked to set your password, after which your “Welcome” screen will be displayed. For more information, view the FAQ section below.

Login FAQs

Q: Do my spouse and I each have our own account?
Each adult in a household has a separate login and password. One person in the family must be designated as the primary contact on the account, but both adults may be given full access permissions to the account. If you need help with setting up your login, changing the people on your account, or changing the primary contact or access permissions, please contact Loulou.Amiel@bnai-torah.org.

Q: I forgot my password. What do I do?
On the login dropdown menu, click the ‘Forgot Password’ button. ShulCloud will send you an email prompting you to set up a new password.

Q: What if I never received the email inviting me to create my profile?
A: Please email LouLou.Amiel@bnai-torah.org, and we will send you a new email invitation. Registration links are valid for 7 days.

Q: How do I change the email address I use to sign in?
A: Sign in to ShulCloud. Under ‘My Account’ click on ‘My Profile.’ Type in a new email address in the ‘Login Email’ field.  Click ‘Save Changes to Person’ at the bottom of the screen.

Q: ShulCloud doesn’t seem to be working correctly on my computer. What do I do?
A: ShulCloud works best on Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. Please use one of those browsers.

Q: ShulCloud isn’t working for me, and I am frustrated.
A: We appreciate your patience as we roll out this new software. Our staff will provide support to help congregants learn to navigate the new system. If you have questions, please contact LouLou.Amiel@bnai-torah.org.

Q: Can you show me how to use Shulcloud with visual step by step instructions?
Yes! Please click on this link to see complete instruction manual with screen shots.

Directory FAQs

Q: Where is the online Member Directory?
After logging in to ShulCloud, click on ‘My Account.’ Under ‘My Personal and Family Information,’ click on ‘View my Directory.’  You can search for other members or view your own information. 

Q: How do I determine what information is shared in the online Member Directory?
A: After logging in to ShulCloud, click on ‘My Account.’ Under ‘My Personal and Family Information,’ click on ‘Edit my Directory.’ You can choose to hide selected elements of your directory listing, or choose not to appear in the directory at all. You will be able to edit your personal information, including address, phone number, family relationships, and more.

Q: Who can see my information within ShulCloud?
The BTC ShulCloud system is only accessible to BTC members. The only people who can see your financial information are you and the BTC Accounting staff.  Likewise, the BTC online Member Directory is only accessible to BTC members. Each family unit will be able to control what information is visible in that directory.

Payment FAQs

Q: Can I use Shulcloud to make donations of payments?
A: Yes! You will be able to make donations, pay your membership dues, and register for events and classes directly from the website, as well as specify where you would like  your funds to be applied. In addition, you will have the option to either use a charge card or an eCheck.

Q: Is my credit card on file secure?
All information entered on your website account and the payment page is sent over an SSL encrypted connection.  (No payment information is stored on servers owned by ShulCloud or BTC)

Q: Can I change my credit card on file or add a credit card on file?
A: Yes, at any time, you can add an additional credit card to your saved payment methods. You can do so by logging into your account and selecting,
‘My Account’ > ‘My Financial Information’ > ‘My Payment Methods.’

Q: What if I do not want to make payments online?
A: You may continue to mail checks to make payments. If you choose to send checks, we ask that you allow up to 1 week for payments to appear on your account.

Q: How do I check my account balance?
Log in to ShulCloud and select ‘My Account.’ Under ‘My Financial Information,’ click on the ‘My Transactions’ button to see your account balance. Please keep in mind that payments made by check may take up to 2 weeks to appear on your account.

Q: How do I make a payment on my account?
A: Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • Sign in
  • Under ‘My Account’ click on ‘My Transactions’
  • The top section is ‘Balance Today’ – that includes any open charges.
  • More information on your balance is available in the next section down, ‘Open Types’
  • Under either category, click ‘Submit a Payment.’ You will be redirected to the Online Payments page
  • If you are paying off a pledge/existing charge, select that you are paying ‘For Account Balance.’ If you are creating a new donation or payment, select that payment is ‘A Donation’
  • Write in your desired amount and select when the amount will be paid. For immediate payment, select ‘Once Now’
  • Add any notes. These can help us to process your payment accurately
  • Click ‘Confirm and Continue’.  Enter your payment type and click ‘Pay Now’
  • You will receive an electronic receipt for your donation via email

Q: How do I make a donation to a fund?
A: You can make a donation by clicking on Donate on the BTC main web page or within your ShulCloud account. The process is the same. Here are the  step-by-step instructions.

  • Sign in
  • Click on the ‘Donate’ button
  • Choose ‘Payment is a Donation’
  • Choose the fund you wish to donate to and Enter the amount of the donation
  • Choose a Dedication Type in the Dedicate dropdown menu.  Enter the dedication information in the box below the Dedication dropdown menu.
  • If you wish to have the honoree notified of the donation, enter their personal information. If you enter an email address for the honoree they will be notified via email of your donation
  • Click on ‘Continue to Payment’
  • On the ‘Confirm Payment’ page you will see the amount of the donation being made. If you have a credit card on file select the card, hit ‘Confirm and Continue’ at the bottom of the page and your donation will be processed. If not, select ‘New Online Payment by’
  • Click the’ Confirm and Continue’ button
  • Enter your credit card information and click ‘Pay Now’
  • You will receive an electronic receipt for your donation via email