Havurat Shabbat Shalom –  9/25/2015
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Havurat Shabbat Shalom – 9/25/2015

Erev Shabbat Shalom,

First, just a reminder that we will have services tomorrow, celebrating the bat mitzvah of Yael Hamaoui.  It promises to be a wonderful morning and I hope to see you there if you are around.

Thanks to our Torah readers, Allen Hamaoui, Maryon Grucailo, Linda Ehrlich, Lory Brenner, Ellis Gottesfeld, Sue Gurland, and Yael, who will also read the Haftarah.  See below for some additional Torah reading opportunities please.

You’ve received a lot of e-mails from B’nai Torah over the past couple of days since Yom Kippur ended.  I just want to reiterate and thank everyone who made these High Holy Days so special.  Everything seemed to run smoothly, the Weiner Cultural Center renovation was very well-received, and there was an affirmative atmosphere everywhere I turned.  A lot of work goes into the holidays behind (and in front of) the scenes, so that everything turned out well is a testament to a lot of effective effort.

You also received information about our excellent Melton offerings, and Israel volunteer opportunity, my Israel trip in June (open to all but geared to first-timers, or those who haven’t been in a while), a study opportunity in Israel with Rabbi Steinhardt, and more.  In addition, of course Sukkot is coming soon, beginning Sunday night, with lots of opportunities to be together for services and programming.  Get the year off to a good start and come on by.

For the High Holy Days I wrote an “al cheit” for dismissing everything a person says just because this one time they said something we didn’t agree with.  Well there may be some differences we have with the guy in white who has been traipsing around Washington and New York and will soon head to Philadelphia, but mostly I find his message and messaging to be inspirational, from the little Fiat he is driven around in to his clearly reveling in his role as a pastor, even as the most influential and well-known religious leader in the world.  Going to Congress to reinforce the “Golden Rule”, to the U.N. to call for peace and protection for the environment, to the 9-11 memorial and an interfaith service of remembrance and more – it is all very inspiring.

Tomorrow I want to take on a single verse from Parashat Ha’azinu about which Rashi somewhat uncharacteristically has a lot to say.  The verse is Deuteronomy 32:11:  “Like an eagle who rouses his nestlings, gliding down to his young, so did He spread His wings and take him.”  How many ideas, symbols or metaphors can you spot in this image of an eagle and his young?  I’ll have a few suggestions, and mention also in connection to it that the Pope said when he appeared briefly on the Speaker’s Balcony in Washington.

Take a look at the Torah readings below.

Shabbat shalom,
Rabbi David Englander

If you can take a Torah reading or more please let me know via return e-mail – thanks!

October 10th – Parashat Bereishit
1             5:1-5
2             5:6-8
3             5:9-14
4             5:15-20
5             5:21-24
6             5:25-31
7             5:32-6:8
M           6:5-8

October 17th, Parashat Noach, Bar Mitzvah of Tyler Field
1             11:1-4
2             11:5-9
3             11:10-13
4             11:14-17